We're working on the demonstration program agenda. Here are some of the things that we hope to be able to show as we begin to introduce this technology to the public:

This page describes some of our early ideas as to what a demonstration might be like. Your comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome! Also, if you know of any suitable demonstration locations (i.e., concrete floor, 220V outlet), please drop me a line!

6:30 PM - Open doors
* Guests Arrive, Informal Discussion, Coffee?
7:00 PM - Start
* Welcome
* A Brief History of WaterTorch Technology
* A Close-Up Look at the ER1200 Machine
* Samples of cuts and welds to look at and handle
* The ER1200 In Action
  - Flame appearance
  - Torch Tip coolness
  - Fuse Firebrick, Concrete, ?
  - Bore through 2x4
  - Weld Aluminum without a shield gas
  - Cut Steel
  - Feldspar -> Moonstone
  - Show Lack of effect on water
  - Fuse quartz
* A Peek "Under The Hood"
* Question and Answer Session
9:00 PM - End of Formal Presentation
* Possible handouts:
  - "I Saw Water Burn" buttons
  - Printed Specifications of ER1200
9:00 - 10:00 PM - Follow Up
* For anyone able / interested in staying longer
  - Tests on visitor-supplied materials of interest
  - Possible "hands-on" for interested visitors

Click here if you'd like to come out and see one of these demonstrations.



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