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First Public Demonstration of the ER1200 a Success!

August 26, 2002: We had a great turnout for the first public demonstration of the ER1200 WaterTorch. Refreshments were served (Brown's Gas Brownies :), and a good time was had by all. Everyone went home with souveniers, including an "I Saw Water Burn" button. Thanks to all who came and saw this amazing demonstration!

Click Here for a report and pictures of the demonstration.

New! ER1200 First Light Video!

August 6, 2002: This short video shows the fumbles and foibles of lighting the ER1200 for the first time. Patience and persistence pay off in the end.

Click Here for the First Light video! (Broadband Only)

(Click Here if you have a low-speed or modem connection.)

[These streaming videos require the free Real Player.]

The ER1200 - First Light!

August 6, 2002: I arose this morning, connected the new power plug to the ER1200, filled the bubbler, and hooked up the hoses and torch. Some videography and photography took place, courtesy of Kenn and Chris.

I checked out the voltages internally and turned the machine on to the "indicator" setting. All seemed well, so switched to the "BG Production" setting. The pressure in the machine quickly rose to its 10 PSI operating point and the control circuit held it there.

With Chris and Kenn observing, I purged the lines of air and then tried to light the torch. After several failed attempts, the flame "took" and I was ready for the first tests.

Setting Up the ER1200

August 3, 2002: It has been a somewhat frustrating day today. Due to the ER1200 showing up by surprise, I was caught somewhat off guard... OK, let's be honest - I could have been better prepared, but was totally unready instead. Nevertheless, after chasing all around trying to find distilled water, pure lye, and appropriate electrical fittings, by 9:00 PM things were still not ready for prime time... and so I went to bed a little disappointed, but looking forward to the days ahead.

ER1200 Has Arrived!

August 2, 2002: The ER1200 showed up suddenly without warning today at the USF Reddaway Depot. I drove down and picked it up, and have begun the unpacking, manual study, and set-up process. Stay tuned for pictures and further details!

ER1200 Shipped!

July 29, 2002: We received an email saying that our demonstration ER1200 WaterTorch has been shipped. Stay tuned for further developments.

WaterTorch Delivery Near!

July 22, 2002: We have received word that funds have cleared and that our demonstration ER1200 WaterTorch will be shipped this week.

If you are interested in being among the first to see this machine in operation, and are willing to be a "guinea pig" - that is, willing to put up with a somewhat less than perfectly smooth presentation - please contact me right away and I will move you to the head of the list.

Just click on the "Contact" link (above) and give me your email address. Put a note in the comment box indicating that you are willing to attend an early presentation.





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