ER1200 - First Local Public Demonstration

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Guests began arriving at 6:30 PM. Samples of cuts and welds produced by the ER1200 were available to examine and handle.

I began the presentation at 7:00 PM with an enthusiastic "Welcome" and a brief history of Brown's Gas and WaterTorch technology.

Next, the ER1200 Machine was unveiled. I showed how it produces gas "on demand" and pointed out some of its safety features.

ER1200 In Operation

After a short intermission, it was finally time to see the ER1200 in action. I held the tip of the torch in my bare fingers, showing guests that the torch tip remains cool even with the flame fully operating. The lack of peripheral radiated heat was illustrated when I held the flame below and parallel within a half-inch of my outstretched palm. And yet the same flame, applied to the corner of a concrete block, turned it incandescent in seconds.

Later I showed one of my favorite tricks - boring through a 2x4 in less than 30 seconds.

I tried to weld a couple of pieces of aluminum, but was unsuccessful. I had welded aluminum before and had the results to show, but I guess I just couldn't handle the added pressure of spectators :).

I cut through a couple of pieces of 3/4" steel as if they were butter.

For one of the most popular demonstrations I melted a piece of bluestone into a shiny black cabochon-shaped jewel.

Question and Answer Session

Guests were supplied with 3x5 index cards and pens to write out any questions that could not be answered "off the cuff"

We finished the show promptly at 9:00 PM. Almost everyone stayed for a little while longer to enjoy "Brown's Gas Brownies", fruit, coffee, and other beverages.

No one left without souveniers -
- "I Saw Water Burn" buttons
- Chunks of 2x4 pierced by the WaterTorch
- Printed Specifications of ER1200

- Some visitors brought pieces of copper pipe.

Coco, the Brown's Gas Mascot

Thanks to everyone who attended! Your encouragement and interest are much appreciated!

If you know of any suitable demonstration locations (i.e., concrete floor, 220V outlet), please drop me a line!

Click here if you'd like to come out and see one of these demonstrations.



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