We will soon be taking orders for the amazing new Eagle Research ER1200 Water Torch. This incredible machine produces 1200 litres per hour of Brown's gas for use in cutting, welding, brazing, and soldering applications. (View Presentation)

The ER1200 is smaller and lighter than any other 1200 L/h machine in the world. It is silent in operation (there are no fans or transformers). Competitor's machines are very noisy.

The ER1200 uses about half the power (of the competitors) to make this significant volume of gas. You can plug it into common household receptacles.

The ER1200 is designed for a minimum of a 20 years of trouble free service. Most of the competitor machines have trouble lasting a year, some won't even start up, particularly some built in China.

The ER1200 is very user-friendly to operate. Competitor machines have needless complicated computer controls (bells and whistles). It is being sold for less than half the current retail price of the competition.

In regular use, an ER1200 Water Torch can cut steel 25% faster than acetylene, at 50% of the cost (or less). It also cuts cleaner and produces no noxious fumes in operation, resulting in less absenteeism due to illness.



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