Blazing Water!
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Brown's Gas is an amazing, totally underutilized technology who's time has come.

Brown's Gas is simply WATER in a special and unique form. It is water with added energy - that is, it has been electrolized by the addition of electrical energy, split into its component parts of hydrogen and oxygen.

However, unlike the result from a typical electrolyzer, the hydrogen and oxygen ARE NOT SEPARATED...

The result is a gas that burns hot and clean - able to cut 25% faster than acetylene at less than half the operating cost. Able to weld aluminum without a shield gas. But wait, there's more!

This form of water will affect every aspect of our lives. It can make us healthier, lower the cost of manufacture of products, improve the environment, and may possibly even neutralize radioactive waste.

This site will introduce you to Brown's Gas and to our unique Watertorch. Come back often, because as we learn more about this amazing machine and as we experiment with unusual applications, we will report here about what we have learned. Simply click here to begin your learning adventure...



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